Safety and health at workplace

The most important thing at your workplace is safety and health. Depends where you work you need to have a training about this very important stuff! Why? If you didn’t know approximately every 30 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease! Every 35 seconds, 150 workers have a work-related accident. Sounds scary, right? Believe it or not, but this is true! So you need to be aware of this thing.
The safety and health conditions at work are different between countries, social groups and economic sectors. Deaths and injuries are particular heavy toll in countries which develop fast, where a large part of the population is engaged in hazardous activities, like agriculture, mining and fishing.
Every workplace in the work environment has its risks, in spite of the type of job. Therefore, in the most simple division, the workplace may be with or without increased risk.
The right thing to do, is to have a posters everywhere on your work place to be aware of danger or any threat which can cause you a harm! This types of posters can be: do not lift heavy thing in a proper form of your body, cause it can affect on your spine (back lifting safety). The other can be, depends on the workplace, always wear safety goggles, or headphones to protect your sight and ears (equipment safety). Safety rules are very important! That is where you should pay attention! This is just a few examples how your workplace should look like.
Also if you work with any hazards, you should have workplace hazard warning signs! Electrical safety tips! This is all examples what you should have on your workplace! And also, you need to read it and be aware of the risk it can cause! Try to avoid any injury at work and try to stay safe at your workplace!
The other thing, health at a workplace is also very important. The most important think is recycling at work, but not only at work, everywhere. Paper, plastic and cans are the three most known garbage separation! This is very important and some companies get a huge fines and penalties for not respecting this recycling program!

Also it is very important for you to stay healthy, especially if you work in food and beverage industry! Bacteria can spread very well, so you need to take care of sanitation all the time! Washing hands is the most important thing if you work in this type of industry!